A Pleasant Thought

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A Pleasant Thought began in 2016 in a tiny apartment by High Park in Toronto, Canada. Away from the constraints and stresses of our 9-5, we practiced self-care by creating—whether art, jewelry, candles, or soaps—in our own style, in our own way. Sustainable. Clean. Wholesome. Elegant.

Over time, this creative and therapeutic outlet began taking up more space than we (or our tiny apartment) bargained for. So, we joined the online marketplace. And we sold a variety of our handcrafted goods and gifts tailored for self-care—in our own style, in our own way, not exactly on our own terms. Remarkably, we received an overwhelming response from customers just like you. It was positive and it was telling. And it was simple. Self-care wasn't a luxury, it was a need. And it was in need of some inspiration.

So here we are. A Pleasant Thought. Now, a family business. Handcrafting and curating self-care goods and gifts. In our own style, in our own way, on our own terms. Sustainable. Clean. Wholesome. Elegant. Liberated.

And we thank you for supporting us along the way.