Amanda Tulacz Illustration

Salem, Massachusetts

Amanda is an artist, illustrator, and designer currently residing in Salem Massachusetts. She works in all traditional and digital mediums, but finds the most enjoyment in painting with either watercolors or oils. Her art and enamel pin designs are owned by collectors all over the globe.

She draws much of her influence from the natural world and the duality found within the cosmos. Her personal work discusses the codependency between life and death, and has been described as both lyrical and magical, often featuring elements that can be interpreted symbolically.

Her creative process is intrinsically intuitive: when sketching out compositions or choosing color pallets she settles on the version that feels right, letting her spirit guide her through the creation process.

When not creating art, writing, or reading, Amanda enjoys cuddling with her amazing cats, stargazing, and hiking the beautiful woods of her hometown in the Hudson Valley of NY.