Elissa Marie Creative

Austin, TX

Welcome to my neck of the enchanted woods! Through my art, I seek to awaken the inner child and unlock the imaginations of all who see my art.

In a world of hustle culture and productivity-glorification, I believe play, whimsy, and magick are more crucial than ever. I create worlds of fantasy that help folks explore the adventures in their minds and bring that magick into their homes.

Reactions I have witnessed:
• Squeals of joy
• Sighs of wonder
• "I've never felt so seen!" and "This is ME as a mushroom!"
• Always a conversation starter

A little more about my shop: I have been an artist all my life, inspired by fairytales, folklore, enchanted forests and magic. I create digitally, using traditional illustration techniques and analog-feeling brushes and textures -- technology has come such a long way to make digital painting feel like traditional!

I offer my work as art prints, stickers, woven blankets, and other witchy wares. My art prints are not your standard printed images -- I have all my illustrations reproduced as the finest possible quality art prints using archival papers and inks. When possible, I prioritize local manufacturers (or as local as possible) and other small businesses to help create the best quality products.