Practical Witch

Story, Arkansas

Friday Gladheart is the author of The Practical Witch’s Almanac. This iconic Almanac has been around for over 25 years. Friday always has a writing project going and frequently contributes to many Pagan and secular publications. In 1996, she founded Witch Academy where she continues to teach magical herbalism, tarot, and witchcraft. Witch Academy is the oldest and most highly respected online academy for witches.

Incense, oils, and soap in the Practical Witch Shop are created in small batches from her own special recipes. These recipes developed over a period of 35 years of “field testing” while working with clients in her apothecary. Many of the items she creates utilize herbs and botanicals from her organic teaching garden and sanctuary adjacent to a National Forest. In 2022, she began offering her special creations to metaphysical and witchcraft stores nationwide through Faire.

Her approach to teaching, writing, and witcharista services has always been to empower you. She does not do spell work for clients but instead empowers each person to find their own magic within. Items used for magic (such as candles) contain ingredients specifically aligned to a certain intention. These correspondences follow ancient traditions but also include modern scientific research into aromatherapy, psychology, and chemistry. Products are also created according to traditional moon phases, days of the week, and astronomical events.